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Burn in & Life Test

Integrated Tray Burn-In System

The Sharetree Integrated Tray Component Burn-In System allows each Tray to be removed independently for device loading/unloading without significantly affecting the environment of the remaining Trays. Each Tray may be configured for a different device type, making the system ideal for applications with a variety of small batches.

Trays consist of a Burn-In board directly connected to a clock/monitor board through a thermally insulated barrier. This arrangement minimises the length of power and signal connections, reducing unwanted impedances and ensuring excellent high frequency performance.

The system is controlled by s/w that logs each device (against Serial Number if required) The system can have 16 to 36 trays per chamber.



Integrated Tray Burn-in.pdf

MultiZone High Capacity Burn-In system

This component Burn-In chamber is suitable for general purpose IC Burn-In. It has twenty Burn-in/Life Test tray positions, and optional computer control through the “Unizone Plus” system software.

The burn-in trays are large, providing a typical system capacity of 900 devices. There are 30 programmable pattern inputs per tray and 2 programmable clocks per tray.



MultiZone High Capacity Burn-in.pdf

Opto Electronics

New device and packaging technologies are being constantly introduced in the rapidly expanding field of Opto-Electronics, making it one of the most innovative areas of engineering. however, any new advance represents a reliability risk until it has been exhaustively evaluated and thoroughly proven.

In addition, Opto-Electronic devices are often used in safety-critical situations, where reliability is crucial (eg. in under-sea communication cables where repairs are extremely expensive).

Many technologies have been developed for reliability enhancement of electronic products and Sharetree Limited have a wide experience in this field. These techniques have now been adapted to produce a comprehensive product range meeting the special requirements of Opto-Electronic devices.




Walk-In Test Chambers

The Sharetree range of modular walk-in Test Chambers provide a wide variety of controlled atmospheres. The designs represent the latest 'state of the art' in environmental technology, and incorporate a unique combination of advanced features together with proven reliability.

The walk-in test chambers are of versatile modular construction allowing designs to customer requirements as required. This form of construction has many advantages.

Product handling features such as shelving and trolleys can be easily added to create high volume Burn-in and Life-Test systems.



Walk-in Chamber.pdf

Case-rated thermal solutions

The thermal forcing blocks are designed to achieve rapid temperature excursions on devices suitable for mounting on a heatsink. (Adaptors can be supplied for case-rated devices which do not have a flat surface).

Temperature change rates on the device case far exceed those achievable with air-based systems. Thermal Stress Blocks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate single devices (eg. for characterisation tests), or for multiple devices (eg. for Stress Screening or Burn-In of batches).



Case-rated thermal solutions.pdf

Product Carrier System

The Sharetree Product Carrier system is a standardised method of mechanically supporting products inside a test chamber, with electrical connections if required.

The system consists of a stainless-steel inner frame with a set of Product Carriers. The Product Carriers can be fitted with product interface jigs to make electrical connections. Wiring is brought to modular connectors at the rear of the carrier that mate with feed-through connectors in an insulated removable panel fitted into the back wall of the chamber. An external frame can be fitted with Load Carriers that mate to the feedthrough connectors, allowing electrical power, drive signals, and output monitoring to be applied.

The Product Carrier assembly can form the basis of a complete computer controlled system with Test Management software to control and monitor the products under test.



Product Carrier systems