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Custom Test Chambers & Systems

RampMaster chambers

The RampMaster chamber series were specifically designed for the oil industry.  Oil and gas exploration demand that logging tools be stored, tested and operated over extremely wide temperature ranges. Precision electronics within the long thin probes are very sensitive to variations in temperature, the earth’s magnetic field and natural underground radiation levels.

The RampMaster chamber enables these products to be tested accurately prior to shipment.



RampMaster chambers for Oil Well Probes.pdf

Air Conditioning Units (ACUs)

Sharetree Air Conditioning Units (ACUs) are specifically designed for re-circulating conditioned air through a variety of custom built product enclosures, or directly onto products. ACUs provide the ultimate flexability and are used where a standard test chamber cannot easily be fitted around the product. Product enclosures can also be supplied, if required.

These versatile ACUs feature wide temperature and humidity control options, with remote sensing at the load if required.

The Typhoon series are powerful ACUs, suitable for larger enclosures or heavier products.

The SlimLine-ACU series are more economical ACUs, suitable for less demanding applications.



Typhoon ACUs.pdf


Case-rated thermal solutions

The thermal forcing blocks are designed to achieve rapid temperature excursions on devices suitable for mounting on a heatsink. (Adaptors can be supplied for case-rated devices which do not have a flat surface).

Temperature change rates on the device case far exceed those achievable with air-based systems. Thermal Stress Blocks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate single devices (eg. for characterisation tests), or for multiple devices (eg. for Stress Screening or Burn-In of batches).



Case-rated thermal solutions.pdf