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Test Chambers

Test chambers are available individually or as part of a system. Sharetree supply most types of chamber for single (temperature only) and combined (temperature and humidity) environments. Chamber design and manufacturing are performed in-house, enabling us to customise chambers and provide turn-key solutions. 

The range covers bench-top to walk-in sizes including - Fixed Temperature, Humidity Chambers, Mechanical and Cryogenic Cooling, Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock, and Walk-in Chambers, Air Conditioning Units (ACUs), Integral or Remote Plant.

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Thermal Stress

Reliability of electronic products can be substantially improved by using Thermal Stress Screening (TSS) techniques, reducing the risk of failure and subsequent damage to your all-important reputation for reliability.

Sharetree provide a range of comprehensive TSS chambers with the option to power up and test devices during cycling.

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Burn-in & Life-Test

Sharetree offer a comprehensive range of Burn-In systems for components and sub-assemblies. Systems may be configured for low-cost Static, Dynamic, or Monitored Burn-In, including a built-in functionality test if required.

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Custom Chambers & Systems

Sharetree specialises in complete engineering solutions from thermal engineering to electronics and software. We understand the difficulty and risk involved when specifying equipment, especially when doing so for the first time. Our specialist engineers are here to help, and will provide you with expert assistance to ensure you find the best solutions for your needs. There are not constraints or limits as we have a full range of systems providing you with potentially inappropriate solutions.

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