Designed for general-purpose applications and offers excellent performance in a compact size.

We use only high quality components in all our chambers with the result that they are highly reliable.

With our excellent SIMPLEtouch programmer fitted as standard, the Slimline range is very easy to use even for inexperienced operators.

Slimline chambers are available in a wide range of Temperature and/or Humidity ranges as well as internal sizes. LN2 (liquid nitrogen) cooled versions are available with ramp rates up to 10°C/min.

Typical Applications

  • Temperature / Humidity Testing
  • Fixed and cyclic conditions
  • Small electronic component/sub-assemblies
  • Low dissipation unit environmental testing
Ramp RatesHumidityAirflow
27 – 1000 ltrs+180°C to -70°C (LN2 versions +250°C to -80°C)2°C/min compressor cooled, up to 10°C/min LN2Optional – 10 to 96%RH (10 to 100°C) 4°C dewpointCircular, front to centre rear panel

For more information on our Slimline Range system, please call 01453 828 642 or email

Alternatively click here to download the full brochure on Temperature Cycling Slimline

Click here to download the full brochure on Temperature/Humidity Slimline

Click here to download the full brochure on LN2 cooled Slimline

Key Advantages
  • Small footprint & easy to move
  • Good circular airflow
  • Ideal for general purpose testing
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Capacitive Humidity Probe
  • Suitable for a large range of test standard (IEC 60068, etc)
  • Custom versions available


Touch Screen Programmer

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