Environmental Test Chambers


Designing and manufacturing chambers for demanding applications since 1972.

We make all types of chambers and are a leading provider of custom chambers for industries in the UK and globally.

  • Wide range:
    • Environmental Chambers - temperature and humidity,
    • AGREE Chambers - combined thermal and vibration,
    • Thermal Chambers - temperature cycling,
  • Sizes from bench top and reach-in chambers to walk-in rooms and air-conditioning units (ACUs).
  • Range covers environmental test applications incl: Climatic testing, Process control, Stress screen, HALT/HASS, Burn-in and many others.

Custom chambers - in-house design, manufacturing and engineering focus ensure we provide the perfect chamber solution for your application, whether it’s overcoming a difficult test specification, controlled rotation of products under test or combining multiple test parameters together in one chamber such as Temperature, Humidity, Airflow speed, air replacements and UVa, as in our multi-function Cyclone chambers.


  • Quality and reliability - built into chambers through the use of high quality, readily available components, ensuring long term maintainability.
  • Proven capability to provide custom solutions including
    • Highly Controlled Environments
    • ATEX rated
    • Safe Handling of Products
    • Integration with Legacy Test Systems
  • Easy to use interface.


Flexible, cost-effective rental to thorough preventative maintenance and responsive callouts for breakdowns.

Service engineers are F-Gas certified and full trained so they can resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Rental - When time is of the essence or the requirement is only short term, we have a wide range of rental chambers at competitive prices

Service - F-Gas Certified Service Engineers are capable of supporting all makes of chambers.

From routine maintenance and calibration to breakdowns, you’ll find us responsive and competitively priced.

To discuss your requirements with an engineer please call +44 1453 828 642 or email us.