Hiring provides a flexible way to manage short term chamber test requirements.

With a wide range of chambers and options to rent at your site or ours, we can accommodate most people's needs. Rental range includes:

· Temperature chambers
· Humidity chambers
· Vibration testing

If a short term requirement becomes a long term requirement, there's the option to purchase the chamber you've been using.

Please, visit our rental site for more information.


Rental at Your Site

Having a chamber at your site offers the most flexibility for testing and is often the most cost effective. Rental periods of 3 or more months provide large discounts. Call for details.


Transport methods are carefully selected to ensure that your equipment arrives in good condition.

Offloading and moving to the installation site can be included if required.



In the unlikely event that a chamber breaks down during a rental period, we will send a Service Engineer to repair the fault free of charge. We even extend the rental period to cover for any lost time.

Rental at Our Site

For short term rental from 1 day up, or where space or power at your site are a limitation, then rental at Sharetree could be the answer. Chambers are set up prior to your arrival and profiles written, ready for you to start testing.

Engineering Support

Our experienced engineers can often resolve problems efficiently over the telephone, reducing down-time and the cost of unscheduled call-outs.


All rental chambers are calibrated to National Standards prior to the start of a rental period. If the rental extends beyond 12 months, we will calibrate the chamber Free of Charge.