Environmental chambers suitable for both constant temperature/humidity and temperature/humidity cycling applications. Special attention has been given to achieving an evenly distributed air-flow to ensure consistent conditions throughout the chamber volume and therefore more meaningful test results.

Standard chambers are available with two temperature ranges, using single stage or cascade cooling plant, and with the choice to increase ramp rates through boost heating and cooling options.

The SIMPLEtouch touch-screen programmer makes it easy to set-up and monitor the chamber conditions, and is particularly useful for simplifying the programming of complex cycles.The chambers are attractively styled to blend in with modern production and laboratory equipment and available sizes cover a volume range from 216 to 1500 litres.

Typical Applications

  • Temperature / Humidity Testing
  • Fixed and cyclic conditions
  • Testing of Materials, Components & Assemblies
  • Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace
From 200 to 1500 ltsFrom +180℃ to -70℃ (+250℃ versions available)From 2℃/min to 15℃/min (loaded)Humidity optional - Areas A, B & C available.Horizontal and lamina
For more info, please call 01453 828 642 or email sales@sharetree.co.uk. Alternatively click here to download the full brochure on Temperature Cycling Cyclone Click here to download the full brochure on Temperature/Humidity Cyclone Click here to download the full brochure on LN2 cooled Cyclone
Key Advantages
  • Modern attractive styling
  • SIMPLEtouch programmer
  • 216 to 1500 litre capacity
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • High performance even under load
  • Capacitive humidity probe
  • Mechanical cooling
  • Robust Reliable construction
  • Extensive range of standard options
  • Suitable for testing to most standard specifications (e.g. IEC 60068 –3-56, etc)


Touch Screen Programmer

Easy set-up and monitoring of chamber conditions, simplifies programming of complex cycles... read more