As the UK moves away from fossil fuels for heating homes and businesses towards more eco-friendly alternatives, Heat pumps are gaining popularity as one of the preferred energy efficient solutions.

The testing of heat pumps is complex and requires specialist equipment including environmental chambers capable of meeting demanding requirements such as EN14511.

Sharetree’s long experience with designing and building custom chambers to meet difficult test requirements means we are able to provide chambers for both current and future Heat Pump testing requirements, including Intrinsically Safe chambers for testing Heat Pumps as they move to Propane based refrigerants.

Key Features for a Heat Pump Test Chamber:
· Laminar Airflow
· Airspeed controllable down to <0.5m/s over the product
· Highly Stable Temperature and Humidity control under load
· Responsive to De-frost cycles, etc. to recover condition quickly
· Integration of chamber with measurement/test systems