General purpose test chamber

Slimline Range with excellent Performance in a small footprint

Designed for lower loads and general-purpose testing, simple to use and very reliable. Desktop to 600ltr floor standing, with temperature ranges of +180°C to -70°C (+250°C to -100°C for LN2 versions), good humidity control from 10-100%RH and a host of options.

Prices start from £11,700


Powerful Airflow

Cyclone Range with high horizontal, Laminar airflow for good thermal tracking

These are powerful chambers suited to more demanding applications. From 300ltrs to 1500ltrs, they are capable of ramp rates from 2°C/min to 15°C/min under load and up to 60°C/min with LN2 cooling on the StressMaster2 ESS versions, which are ideal for HALT, HASS, etc.

Prices start from £22,000

Large and

Large and Powerful

Tornado Range with large interiors for heavy loads

Designed for large and/or heavy loads, these chambers are easy to load and can perform a wide range of thermal testing including industry specific specification (Automotive, Aerospace, etc). Standard models have sizes up to 5250ltrs and loads up to 1T. Custom sizes and features available.

Prices start from £41,000

Oil &

RampMaster Range for long, thin loads

Originally designed specifically for the Oil & Gas Industry for testing their downhole tools, these chambers have long & thin interiors and can be ordered with non-magnetic construction, L-shaped doors for easy loading and high-temperature (+250°C) compressor cooled versions.


Air-conditioning test chamber

Slimline-ACU and Typhoon Ranges for conditioning custom insulated enclosures

Often used in conjunction with custom enclosures, our range of ACUs offer a flexible way to deliver conditioned air to difficult test environments. Temperature cycling and temperature humidity versions are available in sizes from small Slimline-ACUs to powerful Typhoons.


Custom Enclosures

For creating insulated enclosures around difficult test setups. Work with ACUs, above

For test environments that are unsuitable for standard “cubic” chambers. From single piece enclosures to our proprietary, fully modular, clip-together solutions, there is a custom enclosure for nearly any difficult test environment.

Walk-In /
Drive-In Rooms

A walk-in test room

WIR Range for large walk-in or drive-in chambers

Available in standard modular and high-temperature, single-piece versions. Ideal for creating controlled environments for large scale testing of sub-assemblies and complete products (vehicles, etc). Temperature cycling and temperature/humidity versions available with a wide range of options. Sizes from 8000 to 63,000ltrs.


Custom Chambers

For solutions that need something special

For those projects that are unsuited to standard chambers either because of the product or test requirements. We have designed and built a wide range of innovative solutions including: humidity drying, rotation and rolling systems, Hygrothermal solutions, high density Burn-In, non-magnetic, modular chambers, and many more…


SIMPLEtouch Programmer

The easy way to get the most from your chambers

Touch-screen user-interface that makes using chambers a pleasure. All new Sharetree chambers are fitted with SIMPLEtouch as standard at no extra cost.
Using standard, commercially available components ie Windows based PC, ensures SIMPLEtouch is readily maintained for the life of chambers.