Wide range of single-piece or modular Walk-in or Drive-in Rooms (WIR/DIR), designed to suit your specific application.

Single piece construction is available up to 30,000 ltrs and allows for much higher temperature and/or humidity ranges (+150°C to -70°C).

Modular construction allows for almost any size room, subject to available space and is quickly constructed on-site.

Each Room comes complete with a full safety system including internal door release, EPO and lighting. The Rooms can be fitted out to suit the customer requirements including mains sockets, bulkhead pressure lines and high load floors.

Typical Applications

  • Automotive testing
  • Temperature / Humidity cycling
  • Test Houses with varied testing requirements
  • Oil & Gas, Automotive and Aerospace for large loads
8000 ltrs ++150°C to -70°C (modular version +80°C maximum)1 to 5°C/minOptional – Areas A, B & C availableCircular (ducted, if required)
For more info, please call 01453 828 642 or email sales@sharetree.co.uk. Alternatively click here to download the full brochure.
Key Advantages
  • High performance even under load
  • Large capacity interior
  • Easy Access
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Many options
  • Suitable for a large range of test standard (IEC 60068, etc)
  • Custom versions available


Touch Screen Programmer

Easy set-up and monitoring of chamber conditions, simplifies programming of complex cycles... read more