Compact Modular Enclosure for use
with separate Slimline-ACU

Custom Enclosures enable a controlled thermal environment to be maintained around product assemblies which cannot be accommodated in a stand-alone chamber (e.g. if they need to be tested as part of a larger assembly).

The thermal control is normally provided by circulating air from a separate Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) - see our ACU brochures for details.

Our latest MODULAR design is suitable for many requirements. This consists of clip-together insulated panels, sized to fit the application. This method allows panels to be easily removed for access to the product assembly for set-up, adjustment, and inspection purposes.

Optional features such as inspection windows, and insulated ports for shafts, pipes, and electrical connections are added as required.

Sharetree engineers have extensive experience of designing optimum enclosure solutions - talk to us for FREE APPLICATION ADVICE.

Custom Non-Magnetic Enclosure with separate Slimline-ACU

Compact Modular Enclosure for use with separate Slimline-ACU
Key Advantages
  • Adaptable & Modular designs to suit most applications
  • Benchtop to Walk-in Sizes
  • Fully insulated to minimise condensation and icing up
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Options for Access Ports, Windows, Electrical Connections, and more…
  • Extensive range of options


Touch Screen Programmer

Easy set-up and monitoring of chamber conditions, simplifies programming of complex cycles... read more

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